Confirm a venue hire booking

This process details the steps to turn a venue hire enquiry into a secured booking.


Step 1.Review cost estimate

If the proposal in your venue hire enquiry is possible, we'll send through a cost estimate including an approximation of fees and charges. 

Please carefully review the cost estimate and advise your Zenith Theatre and Convention Centre team member how you wish to proceed.

Step 2.Sign and return documents

Once the cost estimate is approved, we'll send you a Hire Agreement to review and sign.

If you wish to proceed with the booking, please send the following documents to your Zenith Theatre and Convention Centre team member.

  • Signed PART A - WPAU Hire Agreement
  • Signed PART C - WPAU Ticketing Agreement (if applicable)
  • Evidence of Public Liability Insurance to the value of $20 million in the form of a certificate of currency

Step 3.Pay hire deposit

On receipt of your invoice, a 50% deposit payment will be required to secure your event booking at the Zenith Theatre and Convention Centre.

Payment can be made online via BPAY, in person at Council's Customer Service Centre or by mail (details provided in invoice).

If deposit is not paid, the booking may be cancelled at anytime without notice.

Step 4.Meet with us

The Zenith Theatre and Convention Centre team will contact you to arrange a meeting prior to your event booking start date to discuss booking requirements and your event schedule.